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Property law

We have experience acting for landlords, tenants, purchasers, sellers, real estate agents and strata managers in a range of property and real estate matters.

The areas we can assist with include:

  • Caveats (including applications for the removal of caveats)
  • Commercial leases (including preparing and advising on leases and acting in respect of lease disputes)
  • Sale and transfer of land (including contractual disputes, default notices, termination notices, transfer duties and advice in respect of the REIWA Joint Form of General Conditions)
  • Easements and restrictive covenants
  • Mortgages and equitable charges
  • Residential tenancies
  • Dividing fence, trespass and nuisance issues
  • Strata disputes
  • Debt recovery in respect of unpaid strata levies
  • Exclusive agency agreements
  • Orders for sale in lieu of partition
  • Adverse possession applications and applications to Landgate dealing with titles