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Criminal law

We provide advice and representation in respect of defending charges for summary offences in the Magistrates Court of Western Australia and certain indictable offences in the District and Supreme Courts.

Advice and representation

Our practice includes:

  • Representation in defending charges at trial
  • Advising in relation to prospects of success, defences and pleas in mitigation
  • Appearing on mentions, trial allocation dates and applications
  • Charge negotiations and submissions to prosecutors
  • Sentencing submissions and pleas in mitigation
  • Spent conviction applications
  • Family violence restraining orders and misconduct restraining orders
  • Criminal injuries compensation claims
  • Costs applications in respect of offences tried summarily
  • Providing advice in respect of procedure and evidentiary matters, including under the Criminal Procedure Act 2004 (WA) and Evidence Act 1906 (WA)
  • Criminal appeals
  • Briefing counsel where appropriate, including to provide advice on evidence

Early legal advice may assist with the successful defence of any charge. We strongly recommend that you always take legal advice at the early stage of any charge or investigation, including before speaking with police.

It may be possible to negotiate a lesser charge or the discontinuance of a charge where there are no reasonable prospects of conviction or the charge is not in the public interest. If you do not dispute the charge but rather the facts alleged by the prosecutor, it is often possible to negotiate certain facts alleged by the prosecution before pleading guilty to a particular offence.

Types of offences

We can act for you if you’ve been accused of or charged with:

  • Local government offences, including dog attacks and planning offences
  • Miscellaneous statutory offences, including regulatory prosecutions
  • Weapons offences
  • Fraud or stealing offences
  • Assault or sexual assault
  • Drug or drug trafficking offences
  • Traffic offences